welcome to the cape of storms network

Welcome! You've stumbled onto the Cape of Storms network, the personal and somewhat creative domain of Blair. Currently, this site is taking a different turn as far as my overall goal. The domain is being redesigned to be my outlet for my personal life (blog), but also my career and associated writings. Of course, somethings never change, and as always you'll be able to find my current sites and fanlistings dedicated to various subjects such as JRock and Final Fantasy.

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8.27.10: New blog template is up!
7.24.10: Lucky Star layout coded and sub main pages have been redesigned. Final paged will be edited and ready for the web! Collective layout will be revamped next. Also, I was approved for Chrono Trigger's Kidd fanlisting, so that will be my top priority for the next two weeks!
7.22.10: Lucky Star layout created. In the process of editing all pages.